Best NDIS Registered Disability Service provider in Australia
My Care Plan Manager

Are you confused about what is NDIS and what’s the role of My Care Plan Manager and What we do?

My Care Plan Manager is a Registered NDIS Plan Management in Australia with a goal to reduce the pressure associated with paying your service providers and managing your NDIS plan. We are an experienced and friendly NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination provider. We’re prepared to talk about your goals, offer assistance, and help you live the life you wish for. We are a free community service provider unite the people living with a disability, their families and careers with easy to read information about NDIS and with the disability support they should live full and independent lives.

What is NDIS?

The NDIS is a national scheme that puts you at the centre of decisions about your life. If you (or someone you care for) have a disability, the NDIS can provide supports and services you need to achieve your goals.

What is NDIS Plan Management?

Looking for a plan manager? My Care Plan Manager is with you at every step of your NDIS journey – starting from preparing your first NDIS plan meeting to professional advice on getting the most out of your NDIS Plan and monthly Budget Health Checks, we are with you.

As a thriving participant of NDIS, you deserve the best, and to live a long-lasting life, you need a plan manager. Who can manage all your financial requirements and do a lot to get you the best out of your NDIS plan. The time went away when people with disabilities were deprived of having choices in life. Now, you have the choice to select a plan manager who will better empower you to exercise full control and freedom with your options.

My care plan manager is the best-registered plan management service provider in Australia. Here we work tirelessly to make sure that the wheel of your life is in safer hands. Our main aim is to bring you the experience you have always deserved, and we will never settle for anything less than as a financial mediator for the disabled participants of NDIS. We work to let you achieve all your goals, and be confident that the NDIS finances and administration are taken care of at heart.

Our service is free. We are always ready to do everything to make you feel confident, comfortable and independent. We will never stick at anything to make it happen.

My Care Plan Manager - Trusted Name in NDIS Plan Management

We serve as your trusted partner for plan management services throughout Australia. Being a participant of NDIS, you deserve to have a plan manager whom you can count for the services delivered. My care plan manager is a trusted, reliable, and responsible financial mediator providing a thorough plan management service to disabled participants around Australia.

Working as a “middleman” between the disabled individuals, the NDIA, and service providers, we make sure you get more of your funded support. You deserve to have complete choice and control over the support and to choose service providers you like. When you partner with us to can select and control services providers of your choice.

We are an NDIS registered plan management service provider, which takes pride in understanding, listening, and caring about your needs and aspirations. It’s our priority to provide support the best way we can.

We have qualified, knowledgeable and efficient plan management providers working effectively to look after your needs effortlessly. Working with NDIS is sometimes very time-consuming process that’s not your concern; leave it with us. We are here to make the complex process easy and steady for you.  

The main reasons to choose us as you financial intermediary:

MCPM - NDIS latest New Price Guidelines for Australia

free of cost

Our service is free of cost. You don’t have to worry about payments.

MCPM - ndis registered speech therapist in australia


We provide paperless service; you have everything on the record to a great extent.

MCPM - ndis registered occupational therapist in australia

free to choose

You are free to choose service from the NDIS registered or unregistered service provider.


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Our service is transparent. We work 24/7 to ensure great authenticity for NDIS funds. We work to keep you on track with your funds. We provide you with monthly overviews of your spending, over your budget, to let you achieve maximum success.

MCPM - NDIS disability support provider in Australia

faster clearance of invoices

We ensure you have faster clearance of invoices. It is our priority to clear all your invoice-related queries, within 2-5 business working days.

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accurate records

You can trust us as we provide accurate records used for auditing purposes. You hold power, as we make sure your approval before clearing invoices to service providers.


NDIS registered mental health disability related health support

  • We receive, pay, and process invoices on your behalf.  
  • We have to validate and review invoices per the NDIS led price guideline.
  • Provide an overview of your monthly spending over your plan and the remaining balance of your funded support.
  • Manage and monitor your plan budget, following the plan management service agreement for the duration of the NDIS plan
  • Guide you to find a service provider on your request.
  • Enable you to exercise great choice and control over the support and services you are engaged in.
  • Manage participant’s budget and NDIS funded support activities to make sure you achieve all your goals.
  • Alert participants for their spending of NDIS funds.