NDIS registered Independent Living Options (ILO) service provider in Australia

Independent Living Options (ILO) - support that gives you the control to choose the home you live in and set up supports in a way that works for your needs.

ILO is a new way where the NDIS can fund flexible, existing and bespoke home and living support packages for people with low to moderate disability support needs. NDIS ILO provides the chance to live in your own home and supported by a range of paid and unpaid support, engaging family and friends. In NDIS the ILO enables you to explore and design different housing and support options for how, where and who you want to live with. Moreover with ILO you will able to discover and decide the way you want to live beyond the accommodation and even arrangement for whole of life planning.

The following describes a diversity of living provisions under the Individual Living Options/ILO heading.


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