NDIS Local Area Coordination (LAC) APM Office - Mission Office in Australia

NDIS Local Area Coordinator APM Office in Australia

For many people dealing with the NDIS, a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) will be the main point of contact for the NDIS. If you are living with a disability or caring for someone living with a disability, our NDIS Local Area Coordinators (LACs) are friendly, caring people who can connect you with support and services in your community. The LACs are qualified and experienced in working with people with disability and their support networks. Local area coordination (LAC) partners support the NDIS to deliver social and economic outcomes for people with disability. For most people aged seven and over, an LAC will be the primary point of contact for the NDIS.

LACs work with all people with disabilities (not only the participants of the NDIS). The APM office has been selected to provide local NDIS coordination services in your community. Our developed Mission office with the support of LACs helped thousands of people living with disabilities of all kinds to connect with services, programmes and people in their community. This includes supporting people with disability to navigate mainstream services and increase their capability to be an active part of their community. Our Local Area Coordinators (LACs) help people with disability, NDIS participants, families and carers to identify and access the support they need. We are proud to provide Local Area Coordination services and our LACs are dedicated to helping you access the right support and services in the following areas of Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.