NDIS Plan Management Course

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My care plan manager provides expert NDIS plan management and support coordination services to help you get the best out of your NDIS plan. DON’T BE LATE SIGN-UP TODAY.

My care plan manager provides its participants mainly two types of services to help you live life the best way. Through these plans, we help you to expect more out of NDIS PLAN.

The moment you have a plan, your goal is to become independent and live free with happiness without creating any trouble for your loved ones. You have to decide to change your life from self-management to plan management. Changing from self-management to plan management enables you to focus without having the responsibility to manage your funds.



Our experienced account coordinators will help you to maintain your day-to-day administrative tasks out of NDIS PLAN. The plan manager keeps a financial record of daily activities to achieve your goals regarding your NDIS PLAN. Our experts manage and monitor your entire budget per your service agreement for the duration of your plan, manage the NDIS claims, and disbursing funds to the service providers for the services provided.

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The manager maintains monthly financial statements and provides with the financial status of the under and overutilization of funds in the plan. Plan management funding providers can claim a monthly processing fee for the plan management. Plan management funding is free regarding your disability supports. The local area coordinator will ask you regarding the plan management in a meeting where you have to decide whether to self-manage your plan or plan manager for managing funds. The local area coordinator will decide regarding disability that whether your disability needs a plan management or not.  The plan management funding includes an establishment fee and a monthly processing fee. The purpose of the establishment fee is to cover the initial cost for the establishment of financial arrangements between you and the plan manager.

A telephonic or face-to-face meeting will take place between you and the plan manager to claim the establishment fee, the record of the initial meeting, and arrangements are formalized in the service agreement. The monthly processing fee incurs the ongoing costs of the plan manager for the financial administration, payment of invoices, and monitoring of your planned budget.


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Our support coordination experts help you to stress out your entire routine. From organizing support to give you confidence regarding your plan, to frame your capacity to manage funds, to get all your dreams fulfilled and you save more for the future. All these become cheerful with a plan manager. Capacity-building and training in the financial plan and finance management is reasonable and necessary funded support. This fund support is different from the support given claimed at an hourly rate.The training and capacity building support mainly focus on your strengths and ability to undertake various tasks associated with the plan management.

It focuses on building your financial and administration skills to set and monitor budgets, pay providers in line with service agreements, and gain organizational skills in finance. Our experts work to enhance your ability to direct your supports in the decisions for questions like who provides these supports, how they are delivered, and where possible and appropriate, developing a participant’s skills to self-manage their NDIS plan.