NDIS Plan Management In New South Wales

My care plan manager is the best-registered plan management service provider present in New South Wales. We are present to offer you a premium plan management solution to maximize your choice and control over your NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) plan and supports. We assure you that you receive independent support with no conflict of interest towards any service providers. We are the only solution to your financial queries.

Services we offer :

  • Faster payments – we pay your providers within 3 business days*
  • Faster reimbursements – we will reimburse you within 2 business days**
  • We provide you with an online portal and mobile app which is an easier way to manage your NDIS funding and supports.
NDIS Registered Supported Independent Living service provider in Australia, New South Wales

Why choose my care plan manager?

It takes care of supplier payments and communication, so you have more time for yourself; it pays invoices on your behalf, it takes care all invoices are cleared on time, it keeps a track on your funds, it directs you on the way funds are spend. It guides you over maximum and minimum spending; it keeps you up to date with the changes in NDIS and offers you more choice and control over your plan budget. It keeps you informed by maintaining a financial statement of regular spending and provides you all these services at no cost.