NDIS Plan Management Jobs

A plan management provider manages different activities and tasks to ensure proper financial administration of the NDIS plan. The job is to handle several responsibilities, Mainly the Service Establishment Responsibilities and the Ongoing Service responsibilities.

The service related responsibilities are:

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  • A plan management provider has to discuss your goals, support and has to provide information regarding respective responsibilities to ensure whether supports obtained aligned with the NDIS plan or not.
  • Confirm the sufficient funds available in the NDIS plan for planning support
  • Have to agree on the method of receiving invoices or how will reimbursement of services are exchanged
  • Obtain preferences regarding visibility over provider invoices sent to a plan manager


  • Managing and monitoring your budget per applicable service agreements for the duration of the NDIS plan.
  • Disbursing funds to providers for delivered services promptly and Managing the NDIS claims
  • Ensuring that whether the funds spent, following the plan and in line with the expected NDIS plan Maintaining records for you and producing regular at least monthly statements showing the financial status of your plan
  • Provide information showing the financial status of your plan. it may include electronically generated statements and access to online dashboards
  • Provide an end date for processing invoices
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