NDIS Plan Management Training

In the NDIS plan, you get training to know things you can expect from the plan manager. A developed service agreement between you and our plan management provider enables you to agree on the level of service provided. You are having the sole right to negotiate terms and conditions included in the service agreement.

1) Service delivery modes available for you and our plan management provider include a combination of face-to-face, telephone, or other technology-based solutions depending on your preference and support needs.  It assures what each party has agreed. A service agreement is present between you and our management provider. It includes all terms regarding pricing for NDIS services, establishment processes, and dispute resolution.

2) This service agreement ensures that you and our plan management provider have equal expectations for the support.

3) If any dispute arises between you and the plan management provider, the service agreement will prevail. Our Plan management provider will ensure that you have fully understood the agreement and comprehend the terms of the service agreement for the intention, capacity, and capability to meet any obligations that rest with you.

4) Our plan managers are well aware of their obligations regarding the Australian Consumer Law while creating any service agreement with you.

5) The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) provide advice and information to businesses, regarding the supply of goods or services to consumers with disability.